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Public Policy, Advocacy and Activisim

The Shoals Chamber of Commerce does not endorse candidates for public office.  We pride ourselves on successfully building and maintaining strong bipartisan relationships with key partners in government at the local, state, and federal levels, regardless of party affiliation. We do believe it is in our members’ best interest take a position on ballot initiatives impacting the Shoals' business community. When the Chamber releases an issue statement, know that we have done the homework so  you don’t have to. The Chamber is your trusted resource on election day.
March 2018

The Shoals Chamber of Commerce supports and promotes infrastructure projects that are vital to existing and developing businesses and industries in the Shoals.

The Chamber has identified the following issues to be of the highest priority over the next 12 months.


  • Support efforts to preserve the long-term viability of the Federal Highway Trust Fund and ensure full funding for aviation and water systems.
  • Support federal legislation to authorize Alabama to streamline and simplify our sales/use tax system so that in-state and ou-of-state retailers are on a level playing field.
  • Support a solution to the Medicare wage index issue which would include setting a floor of at least 0.90.

  • Support a dedicated state funding mechanism for the improvement of local infrastructure.
  • Support the extension of College Street across Cypress Creek to Highway 20.
  • Support the Inspiration Landing development in Sheffield, AL.
  • Support the proposed improvement and hangar expansion of the North Alabama Regional Airport's southeast quadrant.
  • Support equitable, evidence-based funding for institutions of higher education.
The Chamber supports policies that encourage entrepreneurship, business growth, and increased employment opportunities.  We will actively monitor and report on legislation in these areas which we believe has the most direct impact on our membership.

  • Education - We will support legislation that enhances the quality of public education at all levels while encouraging fiscal responsibility and accountability.  We support funding mechanisms that are sustainable regardless of economic conditions, including Pre-K, Shoals Scholar Dollars and entrepreneurship scholarships.
  • Tort Reform - We will support legislation that protects employers from frivolous lawsuits,  through reducing the filing of frvolous lawsuites through modifications to the Alabama Litigation Accountability Act and the Alabama Rules of Civil Procedure.
  • Employment - We will support policies that preserve Alabama as a "right to work" and an "employment at will" state.  We will oppose policies that disproportionately tax or that impose additional burdens on employers.
  • Serve as the leading advocate for the Shoals business community at the local, state and federal level in order to foster and sustain a pro-business climate.
  • Identify and aggressively advocate for policies and procedures within local, state and federal government that promote economic development and business growth, including comprehensive zoning, design and development and standards and tax incentives.
  • Advocate for local, state and federal investment in both short and long range transportation projects tha spur economic development and enhance the quality of life in the Shoals area.
  • Create an annual local, state and national legislative agenda.
  • Act as the Shoals area business "watchdog" in identifying, exposing and opposing regulations and mandates that would have a chilling effect on business.
  • Establish regular information sharing sessions with Shoals area elected and appointed public officials to ensure clear understanding of issues of importance to the business community.
  • Endorse and support pro-business issues and legislation.
To effectively serve as the leading advocate for the Shoals business community at all levels of government.