Benefits of Membership

Benefits of Membership

Business Profile Website Metrics

Within 24-48 hours of becoming a member, the quality and quantity of website traffic is increased to your web page by your potential clients and customers as your data is entered into the Shoals Chamber database. This feeds directly into our searchable online Business Directory increasing the number of clients and customers finding your business with our average of over 1,000 hits monthly for this page.

Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

They say "a first impression is the last impression". This ceremony is your ticket to the best small business PR campaign. Whether you are opening a new business, under new management/ownership, new location, remodeled or expanded, we await your personal request to be put on our schedule. Ribbon Cutting photos and story are boosted out to our over 7,000 followers on social media. Learn more.

Digital Promotion

The weeks most popular trending local events and press releases accompanying small business news is set out in our weekly online newsletter The Shoals Chamber Playlist. Our newsletter subscriber list is over 3,000 with an open rate of 35% that is above industry average.

Facility Usage

Whether you require a small private room for a deposition, a 20 person training closed door area, or a place to host you next 40 person board meeting, just call and reserve it from Monday thru Friday 9:00 - 5:00 PM. All spaces include WiFi, laptops, projectors, display screens, and tech support. If you are wanting a lunch meeting, we have a full kitchen at your disposal.

Business Referrals

According to a 2017 Neilson Survey from the Silent Gen to the Gen Z, 79% - 83% respectively trust referral advertising. The Chamber, for over 100 years, has been considered a trustworthy source of information and so its members are considered trustworthy too. Referral marketing is becoming a must have for both B2C and B2B to have a "seal of approval" from others to survive the market.

Education & Training

Seminars, business workshops, webinars, small business resource events and more are on our calendar quarterly. Chamber member trainings on business startup, financing, human relations, insurance, leadership, social media, taxes, and employee engagement are consistently available.

Relationship Building

Gary Vaynerchuk, a successful entrepreneur and four-time New York Times best-selling author said, "Saying hello doesn't have an ROI. It's about building relationships". A Chamber Membership is a social networking add-on with our over 50 events, virtual and real-time, all year long. View event calendar.

Job Board

Our Job Board is Members Only and touts a nearly 40% open rate. Your Member Information Center allows you to login and post job openings instantaneously online. The Shoals community is made up of citizens that want to live, shop and WORK local.

Economic Development

We collaborate with organizations like Shoals Economic Development Authority, not only to increase local economy, but to bring new businesses into our community.

Legislative Advocacy

The Chamber Board of Directors work together to advocate on behalf of the business community to protect your business, provide growth opportunities and incentives.

How Much Does Membership Cost?

It’s all about choice and improved membership benefits.

After careful consideration, the Chamber is changing the way members invest. Like many chambers during the past decade, we are moving to a tiered dues system which provides benefits based on the investment level a member selects.

In the past, businesses joined and paid membership dues solely based on the number of employees in their organizations. This criterion is still applied but, in the new structure, members choose the benefits that they want and need, then invest accordingly. The Chamber’s new tiered system provides increased benefits with comparable dues – plus many new benefits, even at the entry level.


You’re probably wondering why the Chamber would make such a change in the way we do business. Why would we adjust our price structure and change our revenue stream? The answer is simple: It guarantees equity and choice when choosing a membership package that is important to your business and is aligned with the Chamber’s mission of developing a robust economic base.

We listened carefully to the benefit requests of our membership and benchmarked similar chamber benefit offerings. We found that most chambers valued different benefits for a variety of reasons. For some, having a voice in advocacy was most important. For others, the ability to network and advertise was paramount. These requests weren’t necessarily based on the size of the business or the number of employees. The “one size fits all” wasn’t working.

The solution was to develop several levels of benefits that matched the membership dues investment.

Increasing Benefits Across All Levels

The Chamber began to consider changing to a different membership structure in 2017 as we benchmarked and learned from other chambers that had made the switch. The staff studied the effects the change would have on the organization and membership.

At the same time, member benefits were scrutinized, evaluated and measured. Some remained or were changed, many were created and others removed altogether.

For example, members business profiles will still appear on the Chamber’s website but we’ve added expanded listings and more detailed company profiles at the higher levels. We still have free programs and events for all members plus reduced pricing for other events and programs with your membership.

We encourage you to contact us and discuss what membership level is best for you and your business and how to maximize your membership benefits.

Thank you for supporting our mission to develop a robust economic base!

For More Information Contact

Rebecca Moon, Director of Membership

Contact the Chamber

Staff email address can be found here. Voicemail is available at 256.764.4661.